The next Decade in Transportation

Having spent the majority of my life working in Automotive, Tech and Data I recently wondered, “Am I prepared for the intersection of all three in the next decade?”  I found one clear answer to that question; change is coming.  I’m truly excited for any Owner, CEO or those involved in any aspect of a companies product and service development in the Transportation industry.  I’ve titled this 8 week series “The next Decade in Transportation” as the entire industry is shifting into a data driven Omni channel where traditional models face change or replacement.

My goal is to engage conversation with you in areas that have the greatest spark for change.  There are 3 major trends in Transportation between now and 2030, Millennials become a force, technology solutions are driving massive transformational  change and collaboration is no longer just nice to have, it’s a requirement for businesses to compete.  I will release a new blog each week on the following topics:

The Mass Market Consumer – Can your business adapt?

Collaborative, Agile Workforce – Authentic organizations win in the next decade.

Technology Solutions – Do you understand what scenarios may play out?

Autonomous Vehicles – Winners and Losers in a mass Adoption Scenario

Platforms, Operating Systems and Networks in Transportation– Have Amazon, Google and Apple already won this war or will OEM’s find a way to compete?

Luxury Solutions – Poised for growth if you tap into the Tribe, Experience and Exclusivity

Product Differentiators – What makes a vehicle stand-out in the next decade?

2030 – 10 years of change, here’s the outcome

I’m grateful you found time to read this.  My hope is that you find these topics relevant and share your thoughts through further conversation in the comments section.

The link below will bring you to the first  week’s post on The Mass Consumer….

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